Overcome The Most Common Challenge in B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing Challenges

The most common challenge we encounter for B2B marketing in today’s environment is creating quality content. It is proven to generate the most organic search traffic and social shares, and establishes your company as a thought leader.

We have seen companies struggle with content week after week, month after month. The answer to solving this issue is a thoughtfully researched, documented content strategy.

Following are nine questions to help you create a winning content marketing strategy:

1.    What technology or platforms should you use?
2.    Who is your audience?
3.    Where will you post content and how often?
4.    What kind of content and topics do you want to create?
5.    How do you intend to repurpose and promote that content?
6.    Who is accountable for content creation and promotion?
7.    How will the performance of your campaigns be tracked and measured?
8.    What are your competitors doing to engage your audience?
9.    What goals are you trying to achieve?

The strategy document doesn’t have to be a long, complex diatribe. Actually, the simpler you make it, the easier it is to implement.

If you have difficulty answering any of the above, we recommend reaching out to us. We can help.