Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Not sure what to do or what to use?

If you feel this way, here some helpful tips we’ve learned and developed over the past couple of years.

  • Accept the fact you will never catch up. Social media and all the applications available are exploding at a rate that’s faster that we can ingest. It’s okay. If you have a solid strategy in place then assessing new applications and media becomes easier.
  • Deploy a new strategy. Marketing is in transition. Technology, population shifts, Internet are all driving new methods of communication. We have developed a formula that encompasses this new paradigm. It requires a cultural and perception shift from pushing communication to creating interactions. The go-to-market strategy for firms like yours needs to be based on interactions, not transactions.
  • Start small. Social media can, and is, very time consuming. It requires a lot more attention than you may be used to. Consider starting a blog. It can become an anchor point for social media strategy.
  • Test. Test, test and test some more. We all want the code, the silver bullet, the light switch that turns on so we get website traffic, conversions, leads and sales. However, this does not happen often. Marketing is the great big experiment and needs to be approached that way. Each marketing campaign, social media effort needs to be watched tweaked and improved. If you find something is working well, that becomes your benchmark to beat.
  • Don’t shy away from failure. Sure it would be great if everything you did worked like a charm. However, marketing essentially puts your message into an environment you have no control over. So give yourself a break, accept the failure but most important learn from it. Some of our greatest work was the result of some marketing mistakes.

Do you feel overwhelmed?