Polaroid Reinvents for Social Age

polaroid-socialmatic-a531.0000001418336419We all remember Polaroids, in some way, shape, or form. They were convenient for parties or get-togethers where we needed instantaneous photos or cute novelties to give away. They were also incredibly inconvenient in the fact that film would cost an arm and a leg, making every single shot you took worth its weight in gold. Not even touching on the fact that certain models needed certain types of film. If you made a mistake with a Polaroid, you were sunk.

For many of us, though, Polaroid was our first love affair with photography.

With the advent of digital cameras, many people thought the end of the Polaroid era was near, more so when camera phones started to take precedence. Why would we need a big, bulky, expensive camera when there was something much more convenient in the palm of our hands?

But Polaroid has reinvented itself. Recently the company released a camera that not only prints out photos, but also posts them to social media accounts through a Wi-Fi connection. Dubbed the Socialmatic, it gives you the opportunity to make minor edits on your photos as well, so if you make a mistake you don’t have to worry as much. (And it runs on Android, imagine that!) Paper is still costly, at $25 a pack, but anybody who’s done the Polaroid thing before will find that a steal – especially compared to what some companies charge for older models.

Polaroid can teach many different businesses a lesson – just because your company might be “old” or “outdated,” doesn’t mean it will vanish into obscurity. You can reinvent, you can become something new while holding onto the same values you once held dear.