The Merger of Two Giant Ad Agencies – Why We're Not One of Them

The big news in the marketing world is the mega-merging of two ad agency giants – Publicis and Omnicom, forming the largest advertising agency on the planet.

The executives have said that combining the agencies into a vast giant will help clients be “more nimble” in an advertising environment that’s constantly changing. Nimble?

We want to let you know why we would never be a part of a merger like this.

We don’t believe bigger is better and that it’s even possible to be “more nimble” in a mega-agency environment.

We are proud of our size. It allows us to be better at everything we do – creative, media, strategy and digital.

It allows us to react to changes in a nano-second without having to jump hoops, ask for overseas permission or go through wasteful and expensive red tape.

In an agency our size, we are entrepreneurs like you – business people who just want to make a difference and help you succeed.

Ironically, the majority of us have come from mega shops and found that a smaller environment leads to much better creativity and marketing counsel. It leads to better attention and direct relationships with our clients.

Our agency is fertile ground for great ideas to help you succeed. Oh, we can even help you be “more nimble.” Honestly, we’d rather help you be more profitable.

While we certainly wish the best for this new mega-merging behemoth international advertising agency that’s going to help clients be “more nimble,” we know we can’t compete with them in terms of their vast size and human resources … but we know can compete with them on ideas and thinking – bigger ideas, bigger thinking.