Look to the Future With an Email Redesign

In terms of mobile marketing, we hear a lot about whether or not ad spending is worth it – many marketing dollars are wasted on false clicks.

But what about email marketing? According to a report by Forrester Research, 78 percent of email users will access their emails on their phones by 2017 (“Email Marketing Forecast 2012 – 2017”). If you send out a company newsletter, you’ll want to take a look at what devices it’s being opened on.

In 2012, CGT Marketing was shocked to see about a 100% percent increase of our contacts opening emails on their iPhones, up to a staggering total of 51 percent. So, we redesigned our emails with smartphones in mind.

Previously, we had used a two-column format with a font size easily readable on a computer. On the iPhone, we realized that contacts would have to zoom in to read the content. With the redesign, we condensed the content into one column, increased the size of the font and decreased the word count. Now, when viewing our emails on an iPhone or any other smartphone, our contacts won’t have to zoom in to read.

Take a look at your own email statistics – how many of your contacts open your emails on their phones? Then view your emails on a smartphone. Are they easy to read and eye-catching? Even if a small percentage of your contacts read your emails on their phones now, more will in the future. It’s worth considering a redesign, so everyone can get your information easily.