Reevaluate Your Social Strategy

By now you have most likely – or hopefully, anyway – been implementing a social media campaign for at least a year or so. But just like any good marketing campaign, your social strategy needs to be reevaluated every once in a while, to make sure it’s working the way you need it to. Here are some metrics to keep in mind:

Engagement: How many people like and comment on your Facebook posts? How many people retweet your tweets? One of the main goals of social media is to encourage conversation about your brand and your business. And if that conversation isn’t occurring, change the tone and context of your posts. Ask questions and create beautiful, shareable graphics. Most importantly, if someone engages with your posts, respond to them. Carry on the conversation.

Following: How many fans did you have a month ago? Do you have more now? You should. While the number of fans you have isn’t the most important metric of any social campaign, it’s still important to have a good amount. After all, if you don’t have many fans, you won’t have a big enough audience to see your posts. Run a Facebook campaign, targeted to the specific geographic area you’re marketing to, and the specific interests of your key demographic.

Clicks: Utilizing Google Analytics, you can determine which visits to your website came directly from social media. Is the amount of traffic significant, or lacking? If it’s lacking, try boosting a few Facebook posts that have links to your website, so they get to a larger audience.

Periodically check in and take a look at these metrics on your social media channels. If your campaign isn’t as successful as you intend it to be, shift your strategy.