Don't Let Tweets Fall on Deaf Ears

According to results of a study conducted in early 2013, 71 percent of major retailers who are active on Twitter don’t respond to customers on the social media service. We’ve  seen equally high numbers apply to other types of brands and businesses on Twitter. The number is frightening.

After all, the point of social media is to be social. And the beauty of Twitter is that customers have a direct, immediate way to ask their brands questions and consult them with concerns. Not answering queries on Twitter and other social media outlets is a missed opportunity.

Just think about the example reported here on Buzzfeed. In the middle of November, a customer tweeted at Tesco mobile. Nothing alarming, in fact it was a humorous tweet. Tesco tweeted back and began a conversation with the customer. Eventually he mentioned the brand Yorkshire Tea (didn’t even tweet at them, or use a hashtag) and Yorkshire joined the conversation.

A handful of other brands joined in as well, and the conversation continued. It was lighthearted and all in good fun.

And not only was it fun to read, but it was nice to notice brands not taking themselves too seriously, and engaging with not only customers but with other brands. We’d love to see more of this.

Bottom line is, answer customers on Twitter. It would take next to no time, and it shows your followers that you appreciate them.