More Sales Leads: Optimize Your Company's Videos for Google's Index

With Google indexing videos in its search results as often as it indexes new blog posts, it’s important to ensure that your company’s videos are “SEO’d” for maximum visibility when users search keyword phrases relevant to your company.

Optimize YouTube videos for Google by taking a few simple steps:

1. The title of your video should include your relevant keyword phrases.

2. Fill out the video’s description field using keyword phrases and your company’s name.

3. Take advantage of the “tagging” feature by adding five-to-10 keywords.

4. Embed the video as part of a web page, including proper title and meta description tags.

5. Name the web page with a keyword phrase relevant to the video.

6. Include a transcript of the video so Google’s spider can read the text.

7. Include social sharing icons.

8. Include a video sitemap along with your regular website sitemap, indicating to Google that you’ve added additional web pages and videos to your website. (

Creating an “SEO’d” video gives your company another opportunity to appear in Google’s search results, attracting more people to your website, more leads and more sales.