Six Elements Your Company's Web Site Homepage May Be Missing

With more and more social media platforms to establish a presence on, it may be easy to forget that the headquarters for your company’s digital or online efforts is your website. As more visitors are drawn to your website, it’s important to understand that you’ve got eight to ten seconds, to not only impress the user, but to give exactly what he’s looking for … and fast!

Here are six elements that you should have on your home page, to ensure your user doesn’t “click-off” your site:

1. Contact information – address, phone number, and hours should appear prominently
2. Clear positioning line – to understand what your company does
3. The “story” of your company – your offerings and points of differentiation
4. Sign-up form – for newsletter, ebook or trends report
5. Strong visuals – a picture tells a thousand words
6. Social media icons – giving users an opportunity to follow you