Six Essential Google Analytics Web Metrics to Track

Understanding the behavior and movements of a website user has become easier. Drill-down metrics can track every click made on your website. Here are six essential metrics to help determine if your website is successfully attracting potential customers and to understand their movements on your site:

  • Bounce Rate: How many people visit your home page, lose interest and leave? Does your home page draw users deeper into your site or do they bounce off immediately?
  • Unique Visits: How many new people visit your site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? How many return for more information?
  • Page Views: Which of your pages is most popular and how long do people stay on that page?
  • Keywords: Which keywords and search engines are the most effective in attracting users to your website?
  • Traffic Sources: Where are your visitors coming from? How many are coming from your blogs, online articles and news releases, and how many are from the various search engines?
  • Mobile Devices: Because of increasing mobile usage, how many people are viewing your website from any of the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry platforms?

Once you can answer these questions…you are on your way to a more effective website.