Staying Ahead Of Google: What You Need To Know

From the introduction of ultra-high speed Google Fiber in several markets to the exploratory launch of Google Glass, the search engine giant continues to make technological advances. Still, nothing it has done has been more newsworthy than its radical “search” changes.

Google continues to confuse the local search landscape with Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages. It has promised the confusion will end shortly by merging the two features, giving businesses a powerful, free advertising platform.

On the organic search front and following its massive Panda and Penguin shakeups last year, Google continues to make widespread algorithm changes, clamping down on sites that are not keyword-relevant, including those with low-quality content, cross-domain linking schemes, keyword stuffing and overused anchor text. Previously, the algorithm changes were “anticipated events” implemented over three-day periods. Now the changes are so frequent, they occur unannounced.

Though many articles are available on overcoming Google penalties, we suggest going right to the source: Google’s 32-page SEO Guide – recommendations for improving site structure, optimizing content and more. Get the pdf here.