Taco Bell App Stunt: What Do You Think?

NOV_2014_TacoBellThere have been a number of companies that have taken…interesting approaches to social media. Some of them have had great results… others, not so much. A recent decision by Taco Bell may just fall into that latter category.

In a bold stunt to drive people towards its mobile app, Taco Bell completely darkened its social media presence for a short period of time at the end of October. No Twitter. No Facebook. No Tumblr. Everything just led to the app, says AdWeek. Each social network featured only one post to promote the hashtag #onlyintheapp.

While the stunt was certainly a good way to grab attention and make a splash, AdWeek makes a good point in its report: “While going dark will surely build some buzz around the app, it also cuts Taco Bell’s chances of chatting back and forth with fans on social media.”

While the idea might have been to direct traffic towards their application, it seems a bit questionable to leave over a million followers with no engagement. Taco Bell has since returned to normal social practices, interacting and engaging with followers. But on a day when the company made a major announcement, it cut off most forms of communication.

We think a smarter decision would have been to announce on social media and use customer enthusiasm on social platforms to build excitement. What do you think?