The Best Research: The Gold Is in Discovering What You Don't Know

It’s easy for businesses to conduct research asking their own customers to rate their experiences. If you’re a successful business, you’ll likely get information you already know. While it’s good to have this information confirmed by your customers and clients, it won’t necessarily help you increase your business; you still have to find out why some of your target audience prefers your competition.

To get this valuable insight, work with a professional marketing or research company to inquire about those who frequent only your competition. Why do they visit them? Have they ever thought of visiting your business? Why not? What do they like about your competitors that you don’t offer? What have they heard about you? How do they rate your competitors’ convenience, service and pricing against yours?

While doing research with your customers and clients confirms that you’re on the right path, it’s the information that you don’t know – the information that comes from non-customers – that’s most important. That’s where the gold is, and how you can increase your business.