The Clue Train Manifesto: Not Too Late to get Onboard

In 1999, The Cluetrain Manifesto documented what businesses would have to do to become successful in the new digital era.

With the Cluetrain’s 95 Theses, it’s easy to identify – 12 years later – which companies are on track and which have derailed.

Here are 10 of those 95 key points. Determine if your company is onboard:

  • Markets are conversations. Are you selling or conversing to your market?
  • Markets are people, not demographic or psychographic classifications.
  • Communication reaches far beyond mass and traditional media.
  • Markets are getting smarter and growing faster than some companies.
  • People get better information from one another than from companies.
  • We’re in an age of transparency with no secrets.
  • What happens to markets also happens to your employees.
  • Companies consist of people and need to communicate like people.
  • Markets don’t listen to companies that “pitch.”
  • Companies have an opportunity to directly relate to their markets.

    Click on: Clue Train Manifesto to download the complete Cluetrain Manifesto or just the 95 Theses.