The Importance of Evaluating Your Advertising Campaigns

Prior to the internet age, it was difficult to know whether your advertising was working – you’d have to stop the campaign and then you’d really find out.

Today is much different. Companies are in a race to obtain and nurture the best sales leads possible. To achieve that, advertising is focused on multi-platform usage, leading the potential customer (B2B or B2C) on an online path that encourages various actions and responses.

Now, a variety of measurement tools (Google Analytics, Eloqua and Marketo) can analyze the interaction of every element of your marketing campaign and determine if the budget allocation was effective and met ROI objectives.

The advent of true “interaction” advertising – sending consumers to the internet to engage in a series of online events on various platforms – is all measureable and designed to determine the quality of the lead and follow-up efforts.

Today, there’s no excuse for not knowing how well your advertising is performing and if your dollars are being spent effectively.