The Small Details of Marketing and the Huge Difference it Can Make

Sure there’s a focus on the heavy artillery of marketing – traditional and online, but the most successful marketing – things that your customer notices the most – are the details. One company that does this well is The Disney Institute.

One of the areas that this organization focuses on is the details: the doorknobs, the parking lot, the exterior and interior designs. Do they all work in concert with the image the company is building? Who answers the phones and greets customers? What’s that first impression like? Hint: call your company to find out!

The small details cumulate into a large marketing chain of customer perceptions and events that take in every sensory emotion. One bad link weakens the total chain – and your customer could have defected elsewhere.

Give your company a detail audit. Take your own tour of it from the outside in. Do you like what you see? Is it better than average? What can you do to take the experience up a notch?