The Value of Social Media

Not sure of social marketing’s value?

Even though social media is a hot topic, it still is not budgeted appropriately. According to a recent article by emarketer, “social media gets a lot of discussion and even a lot of participation from marketers, but in most cases budgets remain low. One reason for the reluctance to invest more is the old problem of ROI. While some marketers have created successful social media campaigns that they feel they can measure and determine a benefit from, many have still not solved the social success equation.”

What appears through this and other research is that most companies are lacking a solid social media strategy.

The true value of social media can be felt through different ways than you might expect. Different than a print ad, social marketing is a process that is about interactions not transactions. What this means is that the value of social media is realized by the size of community, their conversations and engagement with your organization which results in higher quality leads and ultimately business.

So instead of focusing on transactions with your marketplace, focus on interactions and you will reap the rewards.

Do you see value in social media?