Tips To Help Business Owners Improve Website Conversions

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Regardless of what industry you are in, every business owner has one thing in common: he/she desires to improve website sales and/or conversions. Here are a few tips that can help improve traffic to your site as well as your conversion rating.

Create Compelling Headlines

Optimize your titles for your audience first, and the search engines second. Make sure you introduce a pain point and a solution with your titles. For example, try to make your titles no longer than 56 characters long. You should also try placing your keyword towards the beginning of your title, if you can. A title should be short enough so search engines can rank it and short enough to be retweeted

Be Sociable

Use social media to your full advantage. Social media is an effective way of increasing traffic to a website. For instance, some business-to-consumer companies tend to find great results with sites like Instagram and Pinterest, because they are more image focused social sites. Google Plus can help a website show up in personalized search results and Twitter is great for short, catchy links. In many cases both are ideal for business-to-business marketing.

It is also important to do more than share content with your audience, on social media. If your audience is active on Facebook with comments, make sure you are engaging with them. The same thing applies with Twitter and every other social media platform. Avoid over-promoting your product/service. There needs to be a balance between promotion and content that your audience wants to learn about. If you are constantly broadcasting your promotions and not engaging with people, this will turn them off.

Be Responsive

More consumers are using their wireless devices to access the Web than ever before. Does your website accommodate mobile users? Make sure your website is responsive. Searching on your website should be as easy as possible. Your web visitors shouldn’t have to do a lot of pinching and scrolling. If you are uncertain whether your website is responsive, check your website with a responsive design checker, such as Google’s web design checker.

Check Your Site Analytics

The overall purpose of analyzing your website’s analytics is to see whether or not you are meeting your goals. Analytics is a very powerful tool when it comes to analyzing and monitoring site traffic. Without analytics, you wouldn’t be able to know who is visiting your website or your visitor’s behavior. Utilizing analytics, such as Google Analytics, is a great way to help grow and expand your business.

Don’t Neglect On-Page SEO

There are many important components of on-page Search Engine Optimization that should be placed on the high priority list. Making adjustments to the following can help boost your site traffic organically.


  • For new content, create internal links
  • Complete image alt tags
  • Create compelling Meta tag titles and descriptions



These are just a handful of conversion and SEO tips. If you need guidance on how to improve your SEO and ROI, contact us today for a consultation at: 631-842-4600.