Top Web Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

For small businesses, smart web marketing is key. Here are our tips:

Content If you want major search engines to find your website and place you higher on their results listings, your site must have highly relevant content. The text and images must relate to their keywords. The more informative content, the more the search engines will like you, the higher you will rank.

Make it clear to customers what you’re selling or offering Get right to the point. Web Marketing is not like print advertising in the sense that you don’t have the time to be clever or cute with your message. Viewers want to find what they are looking for quickly.

Establish your expertise What makes you different from your competitors? The more you can do to position your company as the expert in your market, the more likely viewers will want to learn more about you vs. your competitors.

Links Just having a website is not good enough to generate leads. You need to be connected with other related sites to drive customers to yours. Advertising or getting a free posting on sites that are relevant to your market will help drive potential customers to you. Search engines also love sites that have lots of links, which also helps increase your ranking position.

Consider URLs A good URL is key in helping customers find you. It makes finding your website a lot quicker and easier for customers who can find and remember your URL.

Site Structure Building a website the right way makes a big difference in how your viewers react when they are on it and how search engines perceive it for search results positioning. There is a right way to structure a website which should start with the initial planning. A good web developer and Web Marketing professional can assist you in following proper structuring.

Title Tags Title tags are one of the main elements on your website that search engines look for. This tells them that the page contains information related to the keyword being searched. It is a simple item to do correctly, but often overlooked by some programmers. Title Tags should be reviewed by your Web Marketing professional for accuracy.

Be Social (Media) Today you have to get involved in various Social Media options for successful Web Marketing. These include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Flickr to name just a few. Not only is it good marketing sense to get your name and information out there, but the more your posts are seen by search engines on multiple Social Media platforms, the more they like you.

Pay Attention to Loyal Customers Your ‘low hanging fruit,’ aka your loyal customers, should be an extremely important part of your Web Marketing plans. Staying in touch with them is crucial in keeping them connected to you and your brand. Emails containing useful information, special offers, etc. are great ways to keep in touch on a regular basis.

Keep it Current Search engines love current, updated information. It tells them that you continually review your website to ensure that your viewers get fresh content. Websites that rarely add new content are considered stale and not very concerned about keeping their viewers up to date. A good Web Marketing program should allow for continual review of your website’s content.