Twitter Keywords Give Brands New Opportunities

What if you could put your marketing message right in front of your target market, exactly at the time they were thinking of a product or service you offer? It would be pretty powerful.

You now have the opportunity to do something pretty close. Ad Week reported that twitter has begun offering keyword ad targeting, similar to Google Adwords.

In the past year Twitter rolled out promoted tweets for advertisers to make use of. Now they can further extend their reach by targeting those promoted tweets to specific keywords. The example Ad Week used is with Taco Bell. If the fast food chain decides to use the keywords “hungry” and “burrito”, along with a promoted tweet that may have a coupon for a free burrito, anyone who uses the keywords will see that tweet.

These promoted tweets can show up in users’ timelines or in the search results for the specific keywords.

As Ad Week points out, this new feature will allow advertisers and marketers to engage with Twitter users in real time. So if someone tweets “I’m hungry and I’d love a burrito!” the Taco Bell tweet with the coupon will come up in their newsfeed.

With so many people tweeting what’s on their mind all day, brands now have an awesome opportunity to get them when they’re most receptive to their message.

What do you think? Will you take advantage of this opportunity?