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Is Twitter right for you?

All the talk, hype, and buzz around Twitter is pretty damn exciting. But what’s the real story? Over the past three months, the number of unique visitors to Twitter’s website appears to have leveled off. Does this mean it’s a passing fad? (In my opinion, this is a result of an increase in websites that are using Twitter’s technology which means users don’t need to visit Twitter.)

There have been a number of documented Twitter success stories but the question I get asked the most is, “Will it work for my business?”

Here are six questions to use as a litmus test:

  1. Are your customers/prospects using Twitter?
  2. Have you listened to what they are talking about?
  3. Do you have a go-to-market social media strategy?
  4. Are you using other social media tactics?
  5. Do you know what Twitter is?

If you answered yes to all of the above (question 5 not withstanding) then Twitter may be a great addition to your marketing toolbox. However, if you answered no – you need to do some work to determine whether or not Twitter can be useful.

The decision to use social media must be based on your prospects’/customers’ behaviors, -not yours or even the latest marketing fad. Technology is moving so fast it’s easy to be overwhelmed. That’s why building a solid marketing program based on intelligent strategies creates easier and better decisions.

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