Using Twitter to Your Advantage: Part 2 – Twitter for Research

The great thing about Twitter is it’s updated in real-time, so if one of your followers tweets something, you’ll see it instantaneously in your feed (the list of tweets that comes up when you click the “home” button).

You can utilize this in many ways. One is to research more about your industry. What are people talking about? Type key words in the search bar at the top of the page, “social media,” for example.

Immediately, everyone who has the words, “social media” in their tweets will come up in your feed, with the most tweeted news story relating to social media at the top. As you’re looking through, new tweets will keep coming in, so you can refresh if you want more information.

You also don’t only get tweets when you search. On the left side of the screen you are able to toggle back and forth between tweets, images, videos and people. These are people who have the words “social media” in their bios, so you could most likely get a lot of information from them.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Twitter blog series: Using Twitter for Business. For a refresher, take a look at Using Twitter to Your Advantage: Part 1