Using Twitter to Your Advantage: Part 4 – Twitter for Public Relations

Most (if not all) members of the media have personal Twitter accounts. Search for and follow ones that report for news organizations local to your business. Develop relationships with them by retweeting their tweets and @-ing them with relevant links. If you do this enough times (while not bombarding them with information), they’ll see you as a key source of content and start following you.

Once members of the media follow you and become aware of your news and events, they’ll be more inclined to start reporting on your business or organization.

When you have the relationship and have established a dialogue, don’t abuse it. Don’t keep contacting the reporter to relate information about your organization. Keep retweeting, let them seek you out. It’s a give and take relationship.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Twitter blog series: Growing Twitter followers.

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