Using Twitter to Your Advantage: Part 5 – Growing Twitter Followers

Now that you know how beneficial Twitter can be for all aspects of your business, how do you grow your followers? Target specific ones.

Say, for example, you’re a marketing company. The people more likely to follow you back are those who follow users similar to you. Search for other marketing companies in the Twitter search bar at the top of the page. Follow them first, then look through their followers. Follow anyone who looks legitimate. First look at their profile pictures, then look at their bios. Avoid anyone who doesn’t have a photo or bio, then avoid people who have pornographic pictures and profanity in their bios or tweets.

Of course, only follow people who tweet in English. If you’re on the fence about someone, look at some of their tweets (when you click on a user, Twitter will give you their three most recent tweets). If the tweets are unintelligible, rambling, or the latest one is from months ago, don’t follow.

This is an ongoing process, and you’ll want to follow people slowly over time. Every so often, go through and clear out people who don’t follow you back. The goal is to have more followers than people you follow.

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