What Can Marketing Learn From Egypt?

It has been reported that the Egyptian revolution was conceived, planning and implemented using Facebook. Over 5 million Egyptians created Facebook accounts.

Actually what their 18 day revolution teaches us, from a marketing/communications viewpoint, is that communities can be a very powerful tool.

Facebook now rivals Google as the number one visited site. Large brands have created thousands of pages in an effort to get “liked.” And Facebook is constantly shifting, changing and adding/subtracting features.

In Egypt, people used Facebook to communicate, share thoughts, organize and in essence bring together like minded people. People who share similar views. They are from diverse backgrounds yet have common goals.

Does that describe your target market? A critical piece of using Facebook as a tool for business is a true understanding of who and what your after. Although you may not be starting a revolution…successful businesses have followers who enjoy and believe in their vision, mission and/or brand.

Egyptians have used technology to force change. (for the better I hope) What do your customers want? What goals or ideas are they passionate about?

Facebook is a tool – if used properly, can reap many rewards.