What Is Your Brand?

Successful branding creates a bond with each customer. The following is a way to begin to understand how you can differentiate your business and create an effective and long-term genuine brand.





Copies and office supplies

Your office



The third place

Your Company



The chart above is part of an activity that we use in our branding process. (If you attended one of my workshops, it will look familiar)

Kinkos business is providing copies, office supplies and shipping. Their brand is “your office. ” To support that brand they provide staples, paper clips, white out, computers, and copy machines all at your disposal.

Starbucks business is coffee and their brand is “the third place.” (The first two are home and office if you’re wondering). The company is committed to this brand by creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere with areas for sitting; over 20 varieties of coffee; internet access; soft lighting; beautiful music and smiling baristas. People pay over $4 for a cup of coffee because they fulfill their brand promise.

What business are you truly in?

Once you understand your own business, the way to create your brand is to understand the perceived emotional benefits you would like your customers to experience: peace of mind; comfort; confidence; excitement or other positive emotions they might receive from doing business with you. Do you know what emotions your customers experience from your business?

It’s the way we create a genuine brand that creates an emotional bond with each customer and forms a common set of expectations.