What’s Old is New Again

Have you noticed the obsession with the 90s lately? From funky fashion trends, to video games, to the revitalization of old television shows, there is so much nostalgia everywhere you look. It doesn’t stop there though. We have noticed some old school marketing trends that are slowly making a comeback.

Direct Mail/Physical Mailers

Many feel that direct mail is obsolete, and that’s exactly why it is valuable. Since people are receiving lower volumes of paper mail in their mailboxes yours will not be overlooked, thus making an impression on the receiver. You can say mailers are more personal and trusted compared to an automated tweet or email. A well-thought-out, creative, and targeted direct mail campaign can be the exact contact strategy you need whether it is for B2C or B2B Marketing. In addition, physical mail address data tends to be more accurate than email data; people are not moving offices or houses as often as they are changing their email address.

Print Ads

It is said that print ads have more of a lasting effect than digital ads. The content that people view online can be more perishable due to such high volumes being pushed out in order to compete with one another. In one minute, a post can be the talk of the town but the next, it will quickly be forgotten because some other post went viral. That sort of short-lived content doesn’t contain the quality that readers and customers desire. Although the world has gone digital, many publications are still finding success. By focusing their circulation on a smaller audience consisting of key industry influencers and loyal subscribers, they are finding that their passionate audience is not going anywhere. And since many have switched over to digital, there is a smaller pool of competition. Create something remarkable and it will stand out on its own.


The “audio blogging” trend first began in 2004 when the iPod and portable media players alike hit it big. No one realized how effective this listenable content actually was when it was first introduced but now their value is being fully appreciated. These episodic series of digital media offer real-life, freethinking conversations about topics that avid listeners want to hear. Plus, podcasts are an excellent platform to deliver promotional material to loyal subscribers. The fact that they are easily downloadable, don’t take up too much memory on a phone or tablet, and that they make any long commute to work or school more enjoyable is what makes them so appealing.

Traditional Storytelling

Algorithms and automation have made certain aspects of conducting business convenient but today’s modern customer is not amused when they are being thought of as just another number on a spreadsheet. They want you to put an effort into developing a relationship and, through storytelling, that can be done successfully. People want to be inspired, questioned, challenged, motivated; they want to feel some sort of emotion and a good story can evoke those feelings. Storytelling allows you to show your human side which customers love seeing because they can connect with you on a more personal level. Stories provide a framework for your brand; they speak to who you are and what you’re all about. And from this, you can continue to build upon the foundation that you have already set for yourself.

It is unclear whether or not these traditional methods are back for good, but one thing is certain: you should consider incorporating them into your current strategy.