When Logos Go Wrong

Everyone can probably think of an example of when a brand revised its logo and the results were… less than stellar. Fortune Magazine reported recently on Airbnb’s new logo, which some have compared “to a triangular paperclip or, even more crudely, to certain female anatomy,” according to the story.

The story also lists several more examples of poorly designed logos, and each of their lifespans. Remember the Gap logo with the small blue box in the top right corner? No? We don’t either.

Your logo is the face of your business. It’s what you use as your profile photo on social media channels, it’s what will brand all of your products and marketing materials. Take an objective look at it. Does it convey the message you want it to? Does it represent your company in the way you want it to?

If you’re having trouble looking at it without bias, consult outside help. Talk to your core clients or customers, ask them what they think. And if you decide your logo needs a refresh, enlist the help of a marketing company to create one that’s perfect for you.

It should be memorable, professional, and above all make sense. According to a video on Airbnb’s website, its new logo, dubbed the Bélo, is a symbol of belonging. We don’t think anyone should need an explanation to understand your logo.