Will Facebook and Twitter Go the Way of Digg and Myspace?

In a recent NY Times article “Can Digg find it’s way in the crowd?” It is clear that Digg, a social site that allows visitors to ”Digg” articles, is struggling. Their domestic audience has shrunk.

This brings to mind a recent conversation I had with a friend. We were discussing social media (gee what a surprise) and how best to use Facebook when he asked, “Where do you think Facebook or Twitter will be in 5 years?”

As of last month, Facebook surpassed Google in number of uniques and Twitter has experienced 300% growth over the past two years. In the shifting sands of the social media environment making predictions can be tricky but in my opinion we will see either Facebook or Twitter but not both.

The consumer has limited time and mindspace so only those sites that provide value designed around interactions will survive. The idea for them is to keep it relevant.

Regardless of which social site is gaining traction and buzz, our job is to judge whether their technology is sticky enough to engage our demographic, and keep them coming back.

Your feedback?