5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Not to Make in 2021

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes the simplest modification can make the biggest difference! Here are five common mistakes that social media marketers make, and that you should not make in 2021!

1. Not developing a content strategy

Tracking your posts’ performance and looking at key performance indicators such as impressions, engagements, and post link clicks will help you determine ways in which your content needs to be tweaked.

It’s important to know your audience and figure out what types of posts they’re responding to. Adjust however necessary and create content that resonates with your target audience.

During these unprecedented times, marketing is always evolving, and the concept of a content calendar as we once knew it has changed. Current events and what’s important to your audience can change on a day-to-day basis, affecting the type of content you’re creating and when it should be scheduled. Be flexible and open to shifting around your schedule or reworking content.

Although marketers must be more agile in their approach and implement last-minute changes to remain relevant in today’s environment, developing an overall content marketing strategy to improve and meet goals is imperative.

2. Sharing too much promotional content

Avoid posting about every promotion your business has. In fact, sharing too much sales content can drive away your followers. A winning formula is 10% promotional content, 20-30% curated/shared content, and 60-70% original content. A majority of your posts should be original content created by your brand, which can help you get more shares and website traffic.

Focus on providing value. People love scrolling through their timelines, so share a variety of content that’s aimed to target and engage your audience. Establishing yourself as an industry leader through informative content can ultimately help generate leads.

3. Forgetting to engage with your audience

Social media algorithms favor posts that have a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Help attain a higher engagement rate per post by responding to every single comment. You never know where it comes from.

Individually respond to all comments, even if it’s just a like. It shows your customers that you care, encourages interaction on posts, and increases engagement.

4. Failing to optimize your posts per platform

Many business pages share the same posts on each of their platforms. Each channel is a different environment; for example, Facebook is decidedly informal while LinkedIn is more professional, and Facebook and Twitter allow clickable links while Instagram does not.

Edit your copy for the platform in which it appears while adhering to the word count of each. In addition, you’ll need a different hashtag strategy for each platform. We recommend tailoring each post per platform to maximize your potential reach.

5. Posting too frequently or not frequently enough

Always maintain an active presence, but don’t spam your followers. Every business is unique, so the frequency of your posts should be decided based on what’s right for your company. Test the number of times you’re posting per week to see what works best.

Businesses can figure out how frequently to post by experimenting and evaluating the results. See if your impressions and engagements drop off or increase with more frequent vs. less frequent posts, and quantify the right amount of posts per week for each of your pages.

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