Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Expert Advertising Agency on Long Island

An Advertising Campaign is a plan that uses various media aimed at a particular target market or audience over a defined period of time.

At CGT Marketing of Long Island, we don’t just know how to create advertising campaigns — we know how to create campaigns that produce results! We never settle for ordinary because we know how to deliver the extraordinary.

We offer both traditional print media and online and digital marketing campaigns to spread your message. We blend creative ingenuity with market awareness to produce imaginative, unusual and unforgettable combinations of images and messaging, whether it’s a traditional print or online advertising campaign. We challenge ourselves to identify the most direct and effective way to reach your audience and make it our goal to achieve positive results.

Online Digital Marketing

What makes digital advertising and digital marketing unique is the fact that you can attract both old and new customers. With online platforms allowing customization of target audiences by selecting specific interests, locations, and behaviors, we choose the right medium with the right message at the right time.

We incorporate market research tools to develop strategic media plans and design for effective and efficient online advertising and web marketing programs. We find the websites the people in your target market are looking at, then, based on the position your brand has in the market, we create ads that are consistent with your brand image and your marketing campaign. We’ll re-market and re-target your ads to your core demographic.

Traditional Print and Broadcast Marketing

Print ads, direct mail, radio and TV still remain highly reliable marketing mediums as they can spread your brand image to targeted groups as well as massive audiences.

We are constantly looking for the smartest, most unexpected ways to communicate your message. We are an advertising agency known for our ability to capture readers by balancing unique headlines and visuals with clearly articulated content.

Whether we create a single piece or a host of integrated campaign collaterals, our innovation and communication is unparalleled when it comes to print advertising.

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