B2B Marketing Services

b2b marketing services

B2B Marketing Agency on Long Island

As a B2B Marketing agency, we take pride in knowing the right tools and tactics to make your business a success.

B2B Marketing, is all about understanding who your business’s customers are and positioning your product or service to those people through the right channels.

It’s not so much about the product itself, but more about the people using it, so fully understanding your customer’s needs is vital before you implement any sort of strategy.

Although B2B Marketing may sound rather similar to B2C Marketing, the two are completely different. The B2B meaning is the marketing of products to businesses and organizations, while the B2C meaning is the marketing of products directly to the consumer. B2B marketing strategies involve a selling-based practices where relationships are constantly being developed and cultivated.

The tools used in today’s world g are continually evolving. As a B2B Marketing agency, we take pride in knowing the right tools and tactics to make your business a success.

Based on Long Island, with over 30 years of experience in marketing to a myriad of industries including manufacturing, dental/medical, aerospace, technology, and business and professional services, CGT Marketing excels in marketing to the B2B community. Our level of experience and knowledge differentiates us from other agencies. We take pride in building valuable relationships with our clients and providing them with expertise on how to grow their business, small or large.

CGT Marketing offers all the tools needed for effective B2B Marketing programs including:

Social Media Marketing:  We take the time to research and understand your audience’s B2B social media marketing needs and interests in order to develop and maintain a proper social strategy that is in line with your business goals and objectives.

Website Design and Development:  For B2B website design and development, we begin by establishing specific branding and sales goals. Then our team of graphic designers, writers and expert programmers are committed to producing a website that becomes an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Lead Generation:  With B2B lead generation, we have the ability to properly identify, acquire and nurture leads that tap into potential prospects and turn them into new customers.

Email Marketing:  Based on established goals, we develop precise B2B email marketing strategies, along with effective messaging, then deliver them to your audience at the right times in order to deliver maximum response.

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