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Our B2B Marketing & B2C Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must thrive to survive. In the B2B and B2C arena, this means attracting new customers and building long-term loyalty. At CGT, we know how to grow your business by motivating your current clients and capturing new ones. Using both traditional and digital strategies, carefully planned and geared to your target audience, we create the right messaging designed to establish brand identity and interactions.

FACT: The rapid growth in the number of technological tools available to marketers is astounding. In 2011, there were approximately 150 to choose from. By 2015, there were more than 2000. In 2018, you will have to decide which among the 5000+ are right for youContent Marketing Institute.

Successful B2B and B2C marketing is all about communication. Communication builds relationships. And relationships grow business. It’s a time when your clients and customers are no longer passive recipients of a product or service. They want to be involved and feel valued. And that’s what we do at CGT Marketing.

We use strategic marketing plans combining various advertising media to attract audiences and encourage interactions. We have the experience and expertise to engage others by initiating meaningful conversations and developing ongoing dialogue.

At CGT, we structure customized strategic marketing plans that focus on the best, and most cost effective, media approaches for building your brand. We engage your current clients and consumers, while we attract new business. Whether choosing traditional media such as print and direct mail, setting up an interactive blog, or utilizing social media, our marketing plan will develop insightful interactions with businesses, clients and consumers.

At CGT, B2B and B2C are all about P2P (person to person). Our team knows how to design the right graphics, write compelling copy and attract viewers.

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“As the owner of a global air-freight line, it’s become more and more important to continually be in touch with our clients. CGT Marketing structured a smart, cost effective marketing plan that created a positive impact on our bottom line.”
G.K., Owner

“I used to think that providing brochures and a simple website was sufficient to keep our customers informed. CGT showed the value of digital marketing that is actually generating new leads. Thank you, CGT, for bringing us into the 21st century!”
D.C., VP Marketing

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