COVID-19 Marketing Checklist

COVID-19 Marketing Checklist

One thing is certain: the current Coronavirus environment has accelerated companies’ and individuals’ usage of all things digital.  We’ve developed this Coronavirus Marketing Checklist to help you during this time.

As marketers, we need to take advantage of this trend so we can emerge from the crisis in a strong position — especially since your clients’ and target markets’ interaction with social, email and digital advertising has increased. Your company’s digital footprint is critical.  Below is our marketing checklist to help you and your company manage through the Coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Marketing Checklist:

  1. First make sure you are communicating to your entire target market.  Most companies are communicating to a small portion.  All businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 in some way.
    • Plan to reach out to your target market at least once a month. Individuals that are further in the buying process need to be contacted on a more frequent basis.
  2. Take a hard look at your website. Remember, your prospects are selling themselves and your site will need to reflect that.
    • Review for clarity and ease of use
    • Have a sufficient quantity of information
    • Check your website speed (faster is better)
  3. If you’re not using Social Media, start now.
  4. Review all the Social Channels you are using to make sure you are reaching the right target audiences for your business.
  5. Recheck the keywords you are using for Search Engine Optimization. In the past few weeks we’ve seen new ones emerge for some of our clients.
  6.  Match the keywords to your PPC campaigns and review reach and click-throughs
  7. Make sure you are maximizing the technology available from each social channel by having their code on your website.
    • Facebook Pixel
    • LinkedIn Insight Tag
    • Twitter Universal Website Tag
    • Pinterest Tag
  8.  Develop audiences through each social channel:
    • How they are interacting with your website
    • Their stage in the buying process
    • Behaviors indicating buyer intent
    • Upload your client list to communicate through an additional channel
    • Create “lookalike” audiences for each channel using the demographic/psychographic profiles of your site’s visitors

If you take the time to implement this marketing checklist now, it will pay off in the long term. Call us if you need help.


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