New Facebook Marketing Features You Should Know About

Facebook is continuously rolling out new features to better itself. We have compiled a list of the ones you need to know about…

Sponsored Messages: Send Facebook ads to your customers directly through ‘Sponsored Messages’ for Facebook Messenger. These messages are targeted, in-context ads which are sent to people who have previously communicated with your business’s Facebook page. Their purpose is to re-engage customers with your brand, whether you are announcing a new product or offering a current promotion. And to coincide with this new feature, Facebook has also released new retargeting features, customizable Facebook chat plug-ins, and as well as metrics to quantify Messenger performance.

Article Context: You are now able to check the validity of articles using the new ‘Article Context’ button. See what’s “fake news” and what’s the real deal. When a legitimate article is published, there will be an “i” in the right hand corner of the post—when you click on that button, a tab will open up with contextual information about the article or the publication that posted it, as well as a map of where that particular article was shared around the world.

Polls: Curious about what your Facebook followers think about your product or something happening in the news? You can create polls like never before. This feature has been available for both regular users as well as business pages but now you are able to add photos or GIFs for each option in your poll. This is a great, interactive way to get a little insight into your audience.

New features to be tested in the future

It has been confirmed that Facebook will be experimenting with a ‘Breaking News’ tag some time in the future. This feature will be available for publishers to attach to posts when there is, you guessed it, breaking news. Not much has been confirmed about this but it is likely that posts with the ‘Breaking News’ tag will be made more visible to users whether it’s pushing them to the top of the News Feed or sending a notification.

Forgot your friend’s birthday and want to send them a gift that will get to them within seconds? Facebook might have a solution for that. It is being said that they will be testing a new feature called ‘Red Envelope’ which allows users to send cash gifts to their friends.

Facebook is constantly experimenting with and releasing new features. We’ll be on the lookout for what’s to come, so stay tuned!