Quick tips for B2B Video marketing.

Video marketing has been popular for some time now, but in 2018, it will really make its mark in the advertising world. Why is this? Video is more dynamic and attention-grabbing than other versions of content. It drives engagements and is reported to move more people through the marketing funnel. Sounds great, huh? Here are some tips on how to shake up your B2B marketing routine with some video content…

Produce relatable content

People love content that they can relate to, whether it’s a heartstring-pulling piece in The New York Times, an image on your favorite influencer’s Instagram feed, or in this particular case, video. Start off by figuring out what your current customers and online audience respond positively to and head in that direction. If you’re having trouble, behind the scenes footage is always a crowd pleaser. This can include footage from around the office, going through step by step how your product is made or how it’s properly used, live feeds from trade shows and events, to name a few. And just like other forms of content, your videos should always tell a story.

Social Media

Along with your website, your social media should also house your video content. These days, it’s safe to say that in most cases social media beats out the website when it comes to content consumption. And good news: if you’ve read our recent blog post, Introducing the New Facebook News Feed, you’ll learn that Facebook’s new News Feed is prioritizing more organic, engaging content which can be beneficial for those using the video marketing approach.

Influencer marketing

If you’re utilizing influencers at all, have them produce video content for you. They are savvy and creative people—that’s one of the reasons why they became influencers—so their authenticity and the addition of their personal flair will give your brand further validation among their following.

Better ROI

With the endless options out there, it can be hard to make a decision on a purchase. The research process seems to grow longer and longer. Videos can change that. A simple product tutorial or honest influencer review can easily guide someone through the purchasing process a whole lot faster than if they were to conduct their own manual research.

More quick tips…

You will want to keep your content consistent with your brand and other marketing materials. Also, when you produce video content, you always want to present your product/service in a way that brings value to the customer; shows them what they’re missing out on. And remember to always transcribe and translate to accommodate those who speak other languages and those who are hearing impaired. Bonus: this will also benefit your SEO!

Video marketing is one of the top trends for B2Bs for 2018. So if you haven’t hopped on the video marketing bandwagon, it’s time you get on board. With these tips, we hope to make that transition a little easier for you.