Should You Have an In-House Marketing Team or Hire an Agency?

The answer to this question can possibly change the future of your business for the better… or worse. So which should you choose? We have gathered some intel to help you decide.

The benefits of having an in-house marketing team

One of best things about having an in-house team is that there is a quicker turnaround. Do you need a graphic for social media? How about some copy for the website? All you have to do is walk over to the marketing department in the office and tell them exactly what you need. Having them in-house also means that there is less confusion when it comes to communication. Since you don’t have to go through as many people, you will spend less time going back and forth.

The designated people on your internal team will be solely focused on you and building your brand. If you go through an agency, they obviously have more than one client that they work with so their focus may be slightly less targeted.

Another plus is that your business owns everything you’re putting out there. You control your brand voice and every piece of content, so there is not much risk in communicating your message to your customers.

This all sounds good, right? Don’t make a decision just yet—not until we cover the benefits of hiring an agency…

The benefits of hiring a marketing agency

Outsourcing your marketing needs can be far less expensive. There is no need to pay additional salaries for an internal team as well as the high costs of marketing tools and materials. An agency has all the latest tools and relevant software you could possibly need. Aside from saving on money, you also save on time if you hire an agency. Hiring an external team gives you more time to focus on the core part of your business.

An agency offers a diverse set of skills. From print and digital marketing, social media marketing and graphic design to content marketing and much more, you have a multitude of creative and marketing people to collaborate with and bounce ideas around. You also have the advantage of having an agency full of people with expertise in multiple industries. They can apply what they’ve learned marketing to one industry and apply it to another.

Reputation is everything; when you hire an agency, you will receive nothing but professional work and excellent service. You hired them for a reason, so you can count on a high ROI (return on investment). They’re professionals, after all—they know what they’re doing.

At the end of the day, only you know what’s best for your business; we trust that you will make the choice that is right for you.