6 Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing Efforts on LinkedIn


With over 4 million business pages, LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web, the most important social network for businesses today and without a doubt the most important social network for B2B Marketing.  LinkedIn allows businesses to generate leads, build reputation and conduct marketing research, just to name a few.   However, not all are using LinkedIn to their fullest advantage.

Here are 6 ways to improve your Linkedin B2B marketing efforts:

1) Enhance your company profile: Your Company’s profile should show your potential clients the products/services you offer and explain your “story” by using common industry words, otherwise known as keywords.

  • When creating your summary, use statistics and information that prove the company’s success, and give the reader a clear understanding as to why they should contact you.
  • Include popular search words in the summary under ‘specialties’ to increase the likelihood of prospects finding your page and increasing traffic.
  • Choose an interesting cover photo that best summarizes your business, like a great product picture, or a group shot of your employees.

2) Create and share interesting content: Post and share interesting content that gets your followers thinking and shows your expertise. You need to know your target market in order to create content based on what they want to learn about.  Also, share useful information on your page from other industry influencers and companies.

3) Join groups: Participate in group discussions to make new connections with individuals in your field and showcase your knowledge. To find the most appropriate groups to join, click on Groups under the Interests tab, and LinkedIn will make suggestions that best fit your business.  Once you join a group, you need to be an active member so start new discussions, join in on current discussions and ask questions that will interest other professionals.

4) Engage: LinkedIn is not only a professional space, but also a social network. Encourage engagement on your company page by asking your followers questions and replying to their comments.  Adding a call to action, like “Follow our LinkedIn page for the latest updates and news,” encourages prospects to learn more about what your company has to offer.  After all, they are following you so they can interact with you.

5) Generate leads with advanced search: LinkedIn helps you find the exact target market you want to reach. With the Advanced People Search, you can refine by location, industry, school, interests and relationship in order to directly find your target market.  Your best leads will come from individuals that you have a first, second and third level relationship.

6) LinkedIn Ads: This feature on LinkedIn allows advertisers to create campaigns with a high-level of targeting options. Besides choosing age, location and gender, you can choose education level, job level, companies, and interests.  Your ad will appear on an individual’s user profile, homepage, and group pages that fit your chosen demographic.  LinkedIn makes it easy to track the amount of impressions and number of clicks on your advertisement in order to make necessary changes.