Content Marketing: Increasing Credibility, Internet Presence and Sales

“Content marketing” is one of those hot new phrases that probably makes you believe there’s something new out there – another bandwagon to jump on – when in fact, it’s most likely something you’ve been doing for quite a long time.

Content marketing is simply creating and sharing valuable information over various internet platforms.

We know that Google loves relevant and valuable content on websites and uses it as a ranking factor. We also know that Google is quick to index new content – thus the popularity of blogs and writing frequent blog posts.

But why should content marketing now be an integral part of your sales-building plan? The more valuable content you have, the higher the potential to be found online and rewarded with additional website traffic, credibility, lead generation and revenue.

While writing a blog is just one aspect of content marketing, there are additional content platforms to consider: e-books, white papers, videos, newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.

The ultimate strategy of a successful content marketing program is to view your company as a media communications center – providing valuable and shareable information on various platforms that your customers can easily find.