The Ultimate Guide to Generational Marketing: Generation X

Welcome to part two of our four-part series on generational marketing. Last time we discussed the different characteristics and traits of the generational consumer group, Baby Boomers. This time around we will be discussing the next generation on our list: Generation X.

Marketing Characteristics and traits of Generation X:

  • Born between the years 1965 and 1981.
  • Generation X consists of approximately 66 million people.
  • Street smart, entrepreneurial and individualistic.
  • Highly educated and money-driven.
  • Not into labels and brands, but are savvy shoppers.
  • ‘Save the neighborhood’ mentality, rather than ‘save the world’.
  • Family-oriented; have a strong desire for safety and security.
  • Receptive to both traditional and modern marketing tactics.
  • Active on social media.


Tips for Marketing to Generation X

1. They value authenticity, honesty and loyalty. If they feel that they are being treated unfairly, or go through a negative customer experience, they will tell you and everyone they know on social media. So always remember to be direct and authentic in whatever marketing approach you take.

2. Gen Xers desire security and reassurance and want to trust that they are going to be taken care of. They are also extremely loyal. In exchange for their loyalty, they look to brands they purchase from to take care of their needs and listen to what they have to say. They also love convenience and gravitate towards things that make their lives a little more stress-free. They will utilize mobile applications that are easy to use and hassle-free.

3. All of you traditional marketing enthusiasts out there will be happy to know that this generation responds positively to both traditional and digital marketing methods. This includes social media advertising, email marketing, and print advertising methods such as direct mail. Gen Xers are likely the ones who are physically going to the mailbox, bringing the mail into their home and sorting through it. They also watch television more than any other generation, so that is yet another valuable outlet to reach them.

4. Nostalgia marketing is not just for millennials still dreaming about their favorite 90s cartoons; it works on Gen Xers too! They tend to look to YouTube to fulfill their nostalgia needs in terms of music, TV shows, and comedian clips from when they were growing up.

5. When it comes to social media, you will see many Gen Xers spread throughout multiple channels like YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn; however, they have an affinity for Facebook. They are loyal Facebook users and use this particular social channel more than any other generation—even more than millennials.

6. This generation feels that advertisers too often overlook them. Meanwhile they make up a large percentage of consumers (approximately 66 million people). As mentioned earlier, both a traditional and more modern approach will work for Gen Xers.


Well, this concludes part two of this guide to generational marketing. Thanks for reading and stick around for part three of this four-part series. You can look forward to Generation Y, more commonly known as Millennials, coming soon!