The Ultimate Guide to Generational Marketing: Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Marketing

Welcome to the ultimate guide to generational marketing! In this four-part series we are going to break down the different generational groups of consumers that every B2B marketer needs to know about. We will include some of their characteristics and traits as well as tips on how to properly market to each group.

Today we are going to start off with our very first generational group: Baby Boomers.

Marketing Characteristics and traits of Baby Boomers:

  • Born between the years 1946 and 1964.
  • Baby boomers are the second largest generation, consisting of approximately 77 million people.
  • Considered the “us” generation.
  • The first TV generation.
  • Are more traditional than later generations.
  • Consists of savvy shoppers with money they want to spend.
  • Are more accepting of authority and a hierarchical structure.
  • Admire heroes and trailblazers.
  • Resourceful, disciplined, mentally focused and team oriented.
  • Respond to beautiful imagery and are marketing influenced.


Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers:

1. Be weary of your text and web formatting. A large percentage of baby boomers own some sort of smart device, typically a smartphone or tablet, so make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.

2. When it comes to copy in all of your marketing efforts, do not use abbreviations or too much modern slang. You want to get your message across as coherently as possible; your words need to be clear and understandable for any age to read.

3. Baby Boomers prefer Facebook over Instagram so invest your time, effort and spend into creating and advertising Facebook content that is relatable to them.

4. Do not limit yourself to one marketing channel. The Internet, e-mail, social media, television and print are all opportunities for your messaging to reach baby boomers.

5. Although they are an older generation, do not assume that they aren’t aware of the latest technology and trends. Do not be condescending in your content and avoid using a tone that will offend them. They are educated and more technologically experienced than you may think, so do not treat them like they are beginners.

6. Baby Boomers favor written and video content. Do not be afraid to write a little more copy than you normally would. Traditional marketing methods will appeal to them more than writing something short, sweet and catchy. Spend more time finding the right language that gets the point across, no matter how long the text becomes.

There is tremendous opportunity and potential when it comes to marketing to baby boomers. With Part 1 of this guide, we hope to make it easier for you to get started. Thanks for reading Part 1 of this four-part series on generational marketing. Up next we will be focusing on Generation X, so stick around for more!