Yes, B2Bs Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing

There are many aspects that make up a successful mobile marketing campaign. And before you think that B2Bs cannot benefit from these strategies, think again. There are many parts of the B2C marketing industry that B2Bers can most definitely take advantage of, and we have gathered them here:

Mobile Video

Video marketing is one of the top marketing trends for 2018, so optimizing video for mobile use is a given. Digital video is mostly consumed using a smartphone or some sort of mobile device and if that’s the case, then we want to reach those people. Don’t think that you always need a professional camera crew with lighting and makeup to create great video content. The video quality of smartphones nowadays is just as good as an expensive camera, so you don’t have to break the bank to create some good content.

Make everything mobile-friendly

This is not even a question these days. You have to make everything accessible for a smartphone or mobile device. The very first thing on your list should be to optimize your website for mobile use. And the second one, which we notice that often gets overlooked, is email. People are more prone to checking their email on their smartphones than on a desktop, so every email campaign you send out should be compatible with mobile. The average attention span has decreased (this is actually a fact), so the longer they have to wait for an email to load, well, they aren’t going to wait; they’re just going to click out or delete that email and scroll on to the next one.

Social media + video

Of course you’re going to publish your video content on social media! It’s an easy way to direct your social media following to your website. If you have a Facebook Ad account, give it a boost to reach even more people. Plus, video has a great effect on engagement rates.

Always monitor your success (and failures)

The truth is, not every piece of content you publish is necessarily going to go viral. That’s why monitoring your efforts is essential. Using tools like Google Analytics will help you better understand the people visiting your site.

Mobile marketing is turning into another standard aspect of the marketing industry, including the B2B marketing industry. Just remember to keep two things in mind: understand your mobile audience and create mobile-friendly content.