Follow This Winning Formula to Create Valuable Social Media Posts

Want to Keep Customers Engaged on Social Media?

Have you ever seen a company on social media that only posts about their promotional offers? There’s a good chance you stopped following them…

How to Create Valuable Content For Social Media Posts

Provide Value, Not Sales Copy

Sharing too much sales content can actually drive your followers away. Instead, focus on providing value, and share a variety of content that’s aimed to target and engage your audience.

Create Original Content to Keep People Engaged

We’ve found that the following formula has proven to be effective for our clients: 60%-70% original content, 20%-30% curated/shared content, and 10% promotional content. This means that a majority of your social media posts should be original content that’s created directly by your brand, which can help you get more shares and website traffic. Read on for some tips.

The Social Media Engagement Formula

The Top Social Media Posts Are Made Up of the Following:

Original Content: 60%–70%

According to Sprout Social, “61% of consumers say brands that are best in class on social know how to engage their audiences.”

The key to engaging your target market is to provide value. Share informative blogs, interesting videos (keep it one minute or less), infographics, white papers, and more.

Establish yourself as an industry leader. Don’t write about what you sell; write about what your audience wants to learn about. Position your brand as an expert within your industry through helpful and educational content.

Curated/Shared Content: 20%–30%

Remain up-to-date on industry trends in the marketplace and share interesting social media posts, news articles, and updates that are of interest to your audience.

Note: whenever you share something, be sure to add a blurb that comments on why you’re sharing it. Your audience will expect to see shared posts in context. Why are you sharing the content? How will it provide value to your audience?

If you’re a small business and don’t have a social media marketing team or the time to create content, you could switch curated/shared content with original content. So, you would be sharing 20%-30% original content and 60%-70% curated/shared content.

Promotional Content: 10%

Promotional content should be the lowest percentage of what you’re sharing on your social media pages. There’s no need to post about every promotion your business is having – social media should be a top of funnel tool to increase brand awareness and boost visibility.

If your posts provide value, your customers will engage with them, click your links to learn more, and see your sales.

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